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Oakland Community Builders Intern Applicaiton

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Oakland Community Builders

Spring 2010 Application


Thank you for your interest in the Oakland Community Builders program. Students who demonstrate interest in public service and social change, regardless of their academic concentration or year, are encouraged to apply.


The requirements for this class include a weekly de-cal as well as a 60-hour/semester internship. Students who apply and are accepted must commit to completing all 60 hours of their internship.  Decal classes will be held on Tuesdays from 5:30-7 pm in 246 Dwinelle: the first day of class will be February 2, 2010.


Email to: oaklandcommunitybuilders@gmail.com




Class Status




Campus Address


Phone Number


E-mail Address




Internship Placement


1.    There will be a list of agency internship descriptions uploaded onto the website. We will then ask you to indicate your top two choices and explain why on the first day of class. 

2.    Attach a resume.  Note: this will not be used to grant you acceptance to the program, it will only be used to help match you with the appropriate internship.


Short Answers


Please answer the following questions in 150-250 words each.


1.    Describe a social issue affecting the East Bay and how you think community organizing could be employed in addressing it?

2.    Given your prior professional, service and academic experiences, what can you offer the community as an intern?

3.    What do you hope to learn from participating in the Oakland Community Builders Program? 

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